Trustworthiness of Vagina

Do you ever wonder what hilarious cuts your girl can come up with her juice box? Seeing a attractive, smooth beaver is always a pleasing thing, but what if she does something more than the regular strip every now and then. Trim your vagina displays all of the hilarious designs a female can shave her pubic hair. The graphic time line shows you what cuts are trustworthy and which ones are undependable that you should stay away from.


It’s a interesting time line with titles and photos of how the vagina hair is shaved. You will view shaves such as The “Chewie”, The Chong, The Vajazzle, The Martini Glass and a lot more.  You will be allowed to spread the love of this funny graphic onto any other website with the HTML code that is given on the website. Check out TRIM YOUR MUFF for the greatest illustrations of the hilarious designs of the pussy.